Welcome to cottonjunkies. A place that feed your addiction for fashionable comfort... for effortless style... for expressing yourself. We love our jeans and t-shirts, so what better place to start than with the all wearing, all year-round tee.

The passion behind cottonjunkies is to provide you with an effortless style. A style that naturally gives you the feel of sex appeal and confidence that comes from being comfortable, from being you. To us, ‘cotton’ embodies a universal symbol of comfort. All of our merchandise is handpicked, a blend of organic cottons with other natural materials, US made, pre-washed for a true to you fit, style, and incredibly soft. We wanted to create a quality tee that serves you all day through the night, giving you the luxurious feel of ease, versatility, and movement. Comfortable yet pulled together.

We strive to create an experience when you visit cottonjunkies. We hope you keep coming back discovering looks you love.

We’re happy to share your addiction for comfort, for style, for feeling good, for being you.

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