Our love.

We love our jeans and t-shirts.  Our passion is to create an effortless style without skimping on quality and originality.  Our tees are US made, sourced from family farms and created with passion, heart, excitement, and precision.  We do not mass produce; we like keeping it fresh.

To us, ‘cotton’ embodies a universal symbol of comfort.  Our merchandise is handpicked using organic cotton to cotton blends with other natural materials.  Not to mention incredibly soft and pre-washed for a true to you fit.  We wanted a style that serves you all day through the night, giving you the feel of ease, versatility, and movement.  Chic and comfortable yet pulled together. We also continue to seek out accessories that express our imaginative touch.  

For us, feeling good allows you to be the original you, we would love to be a part of you, being your best you.

We strive to create an experience when you visit cottonjunkies.  We hope you keep coming back discovering looks you love.

x cottonjunkies

For Men and Women xx